Enabling the Energy Transition

Science-based industrial de-carbonization and clean hydrogen through

carbon capture & permanent CO2 sequestration

industry in transition

Meeting the challenge of reducing emissions and achieving net-zero commitments while sustaining business

As the major source of global emissions, the energy & industrial sectors holds the key to responding to the world’s climate challenge to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Lapis’s funding-backed technical team is putting together a high graded portfolio of carbon sequestration projects – tackling climate change at its root by dealing with industrial CO2 emissions and other ‘hard to decarbonise’ sectors.

We develop and deliver projects that help energy intensive industries reduce and remove their carbon emissions through the use of low-carbon Hydrogen and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technologies.

Delivering a route to net zero

The four facets of our industry-leading approach


Energy Transition Thought Leaders

Providing strategic consultancy, policy advice and practicable solutions to governments and businesses on CCS;  Blue Hydrogen and Green Hydrogen; Renewables; Low-carbon market evolution and more.

Through innovation and entreprenurial thinking, Lapis creates value by pairing carbon dioxide emitters with the lowest cost secure sinks.

We give technical, commercial and market advice – providing guidance to make the Energy Transition value-accretive rather than simply cost mitigation. 


CCS and Subsurface Expertise

Leveraging deep technical and commercial experience to bring together operators, investors, regulators, governments and stakeholders in complex interdependent projects.

By applying proven project procedures and play fairway analysis to find and verify the best CO2 storage sites, we de-risk the value chain from source to sink and create robust capture, transport & storage infrastructure.


Full Lifecycle Equity Investment

Taking material equity positions in major projects through bringing our own capital while also leveraging investment from other strategic parties to deliver investible decarbonization projects.

We bring a wealth of commercial experience from interdependent infrastructure businesses.

We structure fit-for-purpose commercial constructs for complex projects so they are de-risked and bankable in a range of jurisdictions.


World Class Project Implementation

Providing effective, efficient project execution reflecting decades of project discipline to de-risk and enable delivery on time and on budget.

Lapis will become a full cycle operator of carbon capture projects investing in long term partnerships with emitters and governments.

Delivering cost efficient projects through innovative relationships with strategic EPC contractors and energy service partners.

Delivering A route to net zero

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

CCS plays a vital role in reducing emissions from hard to decarbonize industries such as steel, cement, chemicals and refining.

It is one of the very few methods which can remove CO2 from the atmosphere at an industrial scale and at the pace necessary to meet the nationally determined contributions (NDC’s) in the Paris Agreement. The International Energy Agency (IEA) Net Zero projections show that CCUS needs to increase around 200 times by 2050 to meet global emissions reduction targets.

The capture, transport, and sequestration of CO2 in a variety of geological traps is imperative in decarbonising point-source emissions. And the process is cost-competitive in a range of political/commercial settings. The technologies involved have been used for over 20 years and are proven to be both effective and safe.

Lapis develops industrial clusters through integrating CCS with hydrogen and renewable energy solutions to fully decarbonise the energy system  within a circular value chain, creating the economies of scale to make them efficient and cost-effective. With a wealth of experience stretching back over 20 years, our team are recognised authorities in technical, regulatory, and commercial aspects of CCS.

Delivering a route to net zero

Recent Work

Strategic advice to the C-suite of major oil & gas services sector players to help re-position them and their global offer through the Energy Transition.


Detailed technical specialist subsurface and engineering CCS support to a client looking to develop a major sequestration project in Asia.

Support for clients in accessing a potentially significant Blue Hydrogen hub in Northern Europe.

Economic modelling of complex multi-project low carbon hub to inform decision making for our clients & partners.

Sustainable success

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Our Team

Unparalleled technical, commercial and project expertise

Lapis has an experienced board and management team with a strong track record of delivering projects and building successful businesses. We add entrepreneurial thinking to fact-based strategies – resulting in our clients, partners, and projects deliver shareholder returns. This is enabled by combining the innovation and excellence of key members of the Kosmos exploration team – pioneers in the hydrocarbon industry – with the world-leading knowledge of the BluEnergy strategic consultants. We have built a one-of-a-kind company: skilled, funded, and actively implementing Industrial Carbon Cluster projects.

We are committed to disrupting traditional models and blending global solutions with local delivery. This enables the energy sector to leverage their existing asset base to create low carbon energy streams, generating value whilst reducing carbon intensity and developing new green energy infrastructure.

We offer an easy to work with, full integrated value chain approach to CCS enabling a ‘one-stop-shop’ for emitters and governments.

Why people choose Lapis: 

  • Global thinking, local delivery
  • Strategic relationships and partnerships
  • Nimble first mover with global reach and deep international expertise with particular interests in USA, UK, EU, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa
  • Commercial and project finance excellence
  • International expertise in CCS, clean hydrogen, carbon/hydrogen market development and risk management
  • World class capital project delivery enabled by rigorous capital discipline and risk management
  • A valued partner taking equity positions in complex interdependent projects from inception through operations 


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